lemon lime pound cake

The jubilee bundt pan is absolutely a marvel of bakeware.  It makes for one of the most stunning, crowd pleasing cakes I've ever made.  It's geometric design makes it pretty confusing to most people.  A few of my friends asked me how I shaped such a unique cake, they didn't understand that it's as simple as a cool pan.  When I got it, I looked up bundt pan recipes just to make beautiful cakes. 


This cake is a visual masterpiece with the jubilee pan but it's also absolutely delicious.  I licked the glaze bowl a few times because it tasted like it should be frozen and made into some kind of cold treat for a summer day. I'm sure I'm developing multiple cavities right now but when you make this cake you'll know what I mean.  It's so good you'll want to sit on the couch and spoon it out of the bowl.  But we can't forget about the cake, it is perfectly buttery, citrus-y and sweet.  My mouth is literally watering thinking about it.  Please make this cake for all of your friends and loved ones!!

Enough of my rambling, below is a link to the recipe, have fun! 

First, a few notes:

Spray the sh*t out of the pan.  Honestly, spray until you think you've sprayed enough and then spray some more.  Don't even think about using butter and flour, you won't be be able to get all of the nooks and crannies and some of the peaks will stick to the pan!